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We work hard to ensure that our My Formations service not only keeps pace with current regulations but also reflects our clients' feedback. We understand the importance of an efficient and reliable service and have therefore recently implemented a series of updates to the online My Formations process, bringing you new benefits and improved functionality.

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11 May 2017 - My Account Updates

When logging in to your My Account area you will now be presented with an additional range of value added services including Business Information, Company Secretarial Administration, Corporate Services and Stationery and Engraving.

As a result, the layout of your My Account area will have changed slightly to accomodate these new services. To access the My Formations area of My Account, which was previously shown upon logging in, click on My Formations in the Company Formations box as shown below.

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3 March 2017 - Appointment Addresses

The facility to choose from previously used appointment addresses has changed. Previously, when appointing a director, shareholder or PSC during a company formation, any addresses entered in the Appointments screen were automatically retained, allowing you to reuse them for other appointments in the same order. This may be particularly useful if directors of a company share an address, eg. family members.

In the below example, '6 Park Road' was entered as the first directors address. When an additional director, shareholder or PSC is added to the company appointments, the previously entered '6 Park Road' address is provided as an option. If this is not the address of the new appointment, a different address can chosen from the other options, or added as a new address by selecting Specify. This new address will also then be added to the list below as before.

From 3 March 2017 you will need to opt-in to continue using this function.

Please Note: Where '21 St Thomas Street' is listed, your own account address (Account address) will appear.

For guidance notes on opting-in please see below.

  • Log in to your account and click My Formations, then Account Preferences at the top of the options, on the right side.

  • In Account Preferences, tick the box next to Enable previous addresses and click Save . 

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3 March 2017 - Account Preferences

Descriptions of address options have been updated and new tick box options added within Account Preferences for hiding particular address options during the company formation process. The new tick box function allows you to hide the Registered Office Address of a company as an option when entering the details of appointments during the My Formations process. You are also able to hide the options of assigning your own account address (Account address) or Jordans Registered Office to the company.

To hide these options in My Formations:

  • Log in to your account and click Account Preferences at the top of the options, on the right side.

  • In Account Preferences, tick the appropriate boxes for hiding addresses. 

    Disable account address - Hide your own account address as an option when assigning a company's registered office, delivery address or appointment addresses.
    Disable Jordans RO addresses - Hide Jordans Registered Office address as an option when assigning a company's registered office, delivery address or appointment addresses.
    Enable previous addresses - See above.
    Disable same as RO functionality - Hide the Same as option when assigning service addresses to appointments.

    Then click Save . 

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3 March 2017 - Share Capital value limit

The ability to add a share capital greater than 10 (in all currencies) has been added so that there will be no value limit. As a way of checking the value entered is correct, a prompt will be displayed which will need to be accepted to proceed.

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1 February 2017 - Articles of association

The phrasing and process for choosing your Articles of association has been clarified. You are still presented with two options for choosing Articles but a clear description now indicated that if you wish to use Jordans Standard Articles, the Model Articles from Companies House, or your own version of Articles, specific to this incorporation, you must use the General Commercial option. Clicking this provides a pop-up list for you to choose specifically which Articles to use. Alternatively, you can use pre-uploaded Articles saved to your account through the My Articles option.

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