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Whatever corporate structure you have in mind, whatever its purpose, you'll want to be sure that the end result meets your needs exactly. That's where Jordans Scotland can help. When you need something a little more specialised, our experts will work with you throughout the process to ensure your company fits the bill.

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Limited Liability Partnerships

With all the benefits of corporate status (i.e. having a legal personality separate from its members), together with unlimited capacity and protection of limited liability for members and the ability to operate and be taxed as a partnership Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are increasingly popular.
They have no obligation to file a constitution at Companies House, so their profit-sharing arrangements, decision-making structure, exit provisions and other internal rules remain private between the members.

Guarantee companies

Guarantee companies make ideal corporate vehicles for clubs, societies, trade associations and scientific research or educational institutions.
Guarantee companies provide non-trading and not-for-profit organisations with the benefit of corporate identity and limited liability. Members of guarantee companies benefit from membership of the organisation but do not expect to make a profit from their membership.

Public Limited Company

The ability to raise capital by offering its shares to the public is undoubtedly a commercial benefit to establishing a public limited company (plc). In addition, a plc is often perceived to be more prestigious and commercially stable, so is often set up purely for commercial kudos.
There are more onerous requirements both on incorporation and in terms of ongoing compliance, but our experts can assist with both.

Charitable Companies

Jordans Scotland's comprehensive formation service is ideal for new charities, those taking over the activities of existing unincorporated charities, or those seeking to incorporate trading subsidiaries of charities.
We will assist in drafting articles of association to suit your needs as well as meeting charity and company law requirements. We will then undertake on your behalf the application to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), to ensure that charitable approval will be granted once the company is incorporated.


Whilst it must be a private company, an unlimited liability company may or may not have a share capital. There is no limit to the liability of members in the event of the company being wound up. Otherwise, members are liable only for whatever sums remain unpaid on their shares.
If this is the right structure for you, Oswalds can help you with the registration of an unlimited company.

Professional Practice Companies

If you intend to register your practice as a limited company, professional bodies often have additional requirements which must be included within the articles of association. Jordans Scotland have liaised with a number of professional bodies and drafted specialist sets of articles of association which take account of the relevant professional body's requirements. Jordans Scotland can assist with registering your limited company with an appropriate set of articles of association.

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