What is a registered office?

Every limited company must have a registered office. This is an address to which official documents (from Companies House, HMRC etc) may be delivered and brought quickly to the attention of the director/s.

The registered office address:

  • Must be a genuine address
  • Cannot be a PO Box address
  • Does not have to be a business/trading address of your company
  • Can be a residential address
  • Should be shown on your company's website
  • Should appear on your company's business letters, order forms etc

On the formation of your company, the location of your registered office address will determine where your company is registered (Scotland, England and Wales, Wales, Northern Ireland) and this cannot be changed after incorporation. So a company that locates its registered office in Scotland will be registered in Scotland, a company that opts for an address in England will be registered in England and Wales and so on.

The registered office address of the company will appear on Companies House register of companies, which is available for public inspection. Since this would include credit reference agencies and marketing companies, it will come as no surprise that people are increasingly turning to service providers like Jordans in Scotland to provide a registered office for their company. For companies in Scotland, a prestigious Edinburgh address serves to enhance the company's image and the directors can rest easy knowing that important correspondence will reach them quickly and efficiently.

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